Here's Why You Should Always Get Your Lincoln's Oil Change at Recommended Intervals

It's not hard to consider putting off an oil change for later: It costs money, it takes time out of your day, and your vehicle can seem to be driving fine anyway. However, it's always important to schedule an oil change at appropriate mileage or times.

Most importantly, putting off oil changes puts your Lincoln at risk for damage. Older oil doesn't lubricate an engine's parts as well as new oil. With less lubrication, parts are exposed to more friction. More friction means a greater chance for damaged parts.

Aging oil can also have an impact on your Lincoln's performance. Its engine will have to work harder to do the same tasks. You could see both a dip in power and diminished fuel efficiency. Keeping fresh oil in your engine will make sure it runs smoothly, powerfully, and efficiently over time.

Schedule your next oil change with our service center today. Our technicians can provide quality service in a timely fashion.

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