The 2018 Lincoln Navigator: Benefit From a Big SUV

Leg room. It might not have the flash of other more advanced features, but you really can't understate how much a roomy interior is really worth. The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is one of the largest SUVs currently on the market and likewise delivers one of the most comfortable interiors you'll find in any current SUV.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator? It's going to be even bigger.

Measuring 18 and a half feet in length, the new Lincoln Navigator will be a full foot longer than its 2017 predecessor. This extra length will expand its interior so it's even cushier than before. It will also gain 15 cubic feet of cargo space and add ten inches to the SUV's wheelbase.

On top of this the 2018 Lincoln Navigator will receive a significant upgrade to its engine. Its 3.5-liter V6 has been rated for 450 horsepower, a 70-horsepower improvement over the 2017 model.

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