The Essential Safety List Before Embarking on Any Type Road Trip

In order to help ensure that your next road trip is as safe as possible, simply do what many of the save drivers on the road may be doing. With the right practices, you can potentially avoid any emergency situations when on your road trip.

Consider bringing the following on your next road trip:

Bring along an empty gas can in the event you are stranded and out of gas.

Be sure you have a working spare tire or something to quickly fix a flat tire.

Check that the washer fluid is full and change all wiper blades.

Keep a roll of duct tape in the car to make some quick repairs without tools.

Pack a gallon of engine coolant in the event the vehicle does overheat.

Make sure you have a bag of assorted tools including hammer pliers, wrenches, socket set, and screwdrivers.

If you need some assistance with any of these guidelines, contact us at Moffitt’s Ford Lincoln in Boone, IA, and we can make you an appointment with our service center.

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