Understanding Dashboard Warning Light Definitions

A warning light on the dash is a serious note for concern. A dashboard warning light definition tells drivers a number of things. It informs drivers when they need gas, oil or when the engine is overheating. Without these alerts, the car could be close to breaking down before you notice anything is wrong with your vehicle.

Our service department here at Moffitt's Lincoln know what to do when dashboard warning lights show. These lights show problems with oil pressure, seat belt notices, overheating engine and brake fluid warnings. The problem may be a malfunction. However, it still warrants a look from a mechanic. The notice the light gives the driver when driving through Marshall Boone or any other town that may prevent a break down on the side of the road when checked out in a timely manner.

A warning light may simply state, time for maintenance. Acknowledging dashboard warning lights keep a car on the road and out of the repair shop.

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